Rules and Laws of The Final Frontier Hub

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Rules and Laws of The Final Frontier Hub

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:54 am

1.Everyone is expected to conduct theirself as an adult using professional mannerism's.

2.Abusive language will not be tolerated.Any use of abusive language will see the member banned.

3.Pornographic link's and or images will result in the member being banned permanently

3a. Pornographic material consist's of topics relating to sexual inuendo between ones self or a group of people, homosexual or lesbian based discussion's meant to create a purposeful sexual experience, discussion's relating to the methods of using sexual tactics on children, non-medical terms associated with the reproductive organs of a particular species.

4.Links or discussion's relating to method's used to hack a website or links to a website that deals in illegal software programs meant to hack.

5.Threats against a person will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately to the member's local law enforcement agency regardless of what country the member lives in. Such a threat might read something like this. "I am going to show up at your house and rape and kill you." The threader would then post the places that you have lived at meaning the poster has in fact gone to the trouble of searching for information on you and is actively trying to harass you through the use of fear,which this website does not deal with at all.The poster who post's such a thread will be banned immediately never being able to return to the website again. We will find you.

The Science's

Although The Final Frontier promotes free scientific thought you must still provide a base of proven scientific theory as part of your theory or postulate. If you cannot provide a base to your theory ask one of the other resident's to assist you in providing a base.


Similar to the rules of The Science's you must provide some base of engineering to your design in order for it to be excepted here. Simply stating that "A leaf could carry a human to Moon like the leaf carries the ant on the wind." is not a solid enough base of engineering to promote an actual design.

If you have used a similar design to build your design that has come from a different engineering design you must provide a link to each section or module to the original design that your design is based on. Not only is this respectful to the originator that your design was born from it will also allow those that find your design interesting to build a new model based off of the model that you designed your craft from thus imparting engineering purpose and ingeneuity.


To maintain the goal of creating an original air of thought and personality within the Hub if you post a link to an image make certain that the image you have posted is allowed by the website that you have copied it from and posted. They will find you if you copyright their material as your own or distribute their images without proper consent.

If your image or artwork is your own original piece of art include at the footer of the first post containing your image or artwork the following: c 20xx (year replacing the xx) then your name or initials. This will guarantee that if your artwork is stolen you will have at least some note of ownership over the piece if it is found eleswhere on the web.

Images should be no larger than 200x200 pixels. A link to the image should also be available so that the viewer can open the image in a new window at the size determined by the poster.


Roleplaying is allowed in the appropriate forum. If you see an object in one of the other forums that you think would make for a nice storyline device ask the poster who the device belongs to first before using it in your drama. Troll Hammer's and Spells are not allowed in this forum and any person using such device's will be banned unless the method is intertwined with science and space exploration.

Addition's to the articles of law's of the Final Frontier Hub

Any additonally article of a rule or law will take effect the next day that the article of rule has been published. Remember to check back here often for new rules that have been posted as it your responsibility to ensure that you know the rules that govern the Hub.


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