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Welcome to The Final Frontier Hub

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:48 am

Welcome to The Final Frontier. After many journey's across the sea of the internet I have come to realize that most space exploration websites including science websites rarely allow the Navigator or Pilot, being you, the freedom to express an idea or thought that may contradict what is perceived as being mainstream and of not any value. The Final Frontier is an open hub where you will find many levels of the Promenade eager for you to dock with to engange in meaningful discussion's. Remember you are the new comer here and many resident's will be apprehensive of you the new comer to their corner of the Hub. Relax in time the resident's of the Final Frontier will seem like they have known you forever thus creating another bridge across the span to from a common connection of creating a hub dedicated to the pursuit of conquering The Final Frontier. Welcome and enjoy your stay here at The Final Frontier Hub.


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