Addition of Chat Box

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Addition of Chat Box

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:12 am

A new feature has been added to the forum called the Chat Box. The Chat Box is available to registered members only. The chat box allows members of the forum to discuss topics in real time instead of having to wait for answers to be posted. The Chat Box may sound like a better alternative to posting topics but when alot of members begin to use the Chat Box to discuss in real time the same topics that would be discussed in thread form the Caht Box would quickly become overcrowded and useless.

Once a week a topic of discussion will be chosen to be discussed about. If you have a Chat Box Topic that you would like to reserver time to discuss contact an administrator for more details on what time slots are available.

For your convience the Chat Box has been located at the bottom of the main forum page.


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