3.2 million year old bone is discovered

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3.2 million year old bone is discovered

Post  Dryson on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:25 pm

A bone by another age.

Rutger's Science

Just from reading the article a new direction of evolution seems to be taking place. Soon the notion of human's evolving from primates will lead the way to a new found platform of human's and primates evolving seperately from one another instead of the assumed notion that human's are an offspring of the primate.

One reason that are DNA may appear to be similar is that humans and primates most likely evolved from the same microbial pool but because of the difference in intake of available mineral's and other element's primate's evolved to their environment along one branch of the tree while humans evolved along another branch of the tree.

I am beginning to think that each type of species that are comparatively relative to each other in their DNA and physiology would have to come from the same pool of microbial's. Where because of the aforementioned intake and adaptation of the microbial's to use the available element's within their surrounding environment and the ability of the microbial to microscopicly intake any available combination of biological shrouded energy source would be the definative result of the physiological outcome of the species itself.


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