What type of EST's might we encounter?

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What type of EST's might we encounter?

Post  Dryson on Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:36 pm

First off we need to set aside our human notion of supersition's that seem to keep what we perceive as evil away and look look to reality. I for one believe whole heartedly in the existance of EST's or extra solar entities. But does me believing in them actually make them real? Does someone not believing in them not make the EST's real? No, belief neither creates nor denies that fact that EST's exist. Humanity cannot except the fact that we are alone in the Universe. Not only is this arrogant the notion is as arrogant as someone actually believing that thought alone can create events or deter events across the planet and the Universe.

Life will exist across the Universe because life has evolved to adapt to survive in the environment's in which the various chemical, biological and energetic properties of life have come together to create the seed of life. The seed of which is not isolated to Earth but will exist on many planets across throughout the Universe and in many different forms.

One has to consider what types of EST's we might come across when we venture into the unknown and what type we might expect to find us here on Earth isolated from the rest of the Universe in our own seemingly safe and quiet corner.

It's not difficult to determine what type we might come across as they would be similiar to humans, not necessarily the way we look but the way that we think.

There will be EST's who view the power of strength above all else. A power where only the strong have the right to rule, to think, to speak, to do. Travel through space would have made this type of EST the most deadly type of encounter as they would be unrelentless in their pursuit of conquering Earth killing all those who resisted and quite possibly destroying the planet if they were not able to conquer Earth.

Then there would be the curious EST who would be more interested with the overall aspect of humanity than conquering humanity. These types of aliens would be timid yet able to attack and conquer if they chose too. These EST's would take humans at will trying to avoid being caught so that they could be studied. But studied for what reason? To find similar physilogical traits between us and them? Maybe they are a slave species tothe first type of EST so that any and all types of information could be relayed back to them in order to more easily conquer humanity and Earth with minimal loss to their own species. Then again they may be taking humans and engineering them to be better. Maybe they are creating new humans in their labs that are better suited to live on different planets so that if humanity should die in the blink of an eye at least there would be humans left to start over again.

No one really knows what to expect from an EST but one thing is certain the more that we emplace programs around the planet and continue to prepare ourself for the eventuality of their arrival the more apt humanity will be able to survive against what ever type decides to be the first to reveal theirselves to humanity.


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